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Hey Foodies, welcome! I am Yoisha, affectionately known as YO! I am so thrilled to have you here and excited to have you be a part of my Cooking with YO community.   

For background, I am a certified project management professional and results-driven leader with over 15 years of corporate experiences working for Fortune 1000 educational institutions. Additionally, I am a self-taught culinary expert, influencer, and recipe developer born and raised in the city of Chicago. I am also a wife and a proud mother of two, now residing in Wisconsin.  

As far back as I can remember, I have been in my happiest place when I am cooking, learning new recipes, event planning, hosting and watching others enjoy meals that I have prepared.  Maybe that is because of my deeply held belief that food is the common thread, a medium, or connector that brings communities together.  My ultimate goal in creating this platform is to share that connection with others, thereby empowering fellow foodies with my greatest inspiration.                                                   

My love, passion, and purpose for cooking has brought about my second career, Cooking With YO, a digital training platform featuring live cooking classes, video tutorials, culinary coaching, and products for everyday people that desire to enhance their cooking skills, improve their palate, and expand their culinary portfolios. 

No, this is not your typical instructor-led experimentation. Cooking with YO is love manifested in a plated experience. Together we will bridge the gap between cooking and community and inspire healthier and happier lifestyles. Join me on this journey to help you fall in love with cooking again, and efficiently deliver restaurant-quality, healthy meals from kitchen to table.

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