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become foodie

Cooking with YO - Foodie Club

Monthly Membership


  • Three, interactive live cooking classes per month (members’ choice)

  • Digital recipe and ingredient cards for each class menu plus pre-class prep instructions

  • Access to private online community for accountability and support 

  • Exclusive bonus content throughout the month

  • 30% discount on other Cooking With YO classes, products, and merch

When you don’t like cooking, it becomes just another chore. Even worse, the lack of love that you put into food preparation shows itself in the burnt, bland and boring meals that both you and your family would prefer to reclaim your time on.


Frustration leads to eating take out more and more often, and over time, it begins to weigh heavily on the body and budget.



But what if you could…


  • look forward to cooking?

  • replace hours in the kitchen with efficiency?

  • change your kids’ reaction to ‘dinner’s ready?’

  • create full course meals that rank in quality with your favorite restaurants?

  • cook with confidence and not question whether or not your dish will turn out right?

With Cooking With YO’s Foodie Club, restaurant food becomes optional, and you may just start to like eating at home more. 

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